About Us

Aikido Mountain West delivers world-class Aikido training in a safe and welcoming environment.

Our Mission

Aikido Mountain West delivers world-class Aikido training in a safe and welcoming environment, through senior instructors’ collaborative partnership. Together, our experienced instructors offer a contemporary approach to training in traditional Japanese martial arts and ways.

Objectives and Purposes of Aikido Mountain West

  • To serve in the promotion, preservation, and education of traditional Japanese cultural arts and ways including, but not limited to Aikido and Iaido.
  • Hold instructional classes, seminars, and special events, within and beyond our facilities, for the benefit of the community.
  • Provide print and media information regarding traditional Japanese arts and culture through website, social media, print publications, etc., as directed by the Board of Trustees.
  • Serve as a model of nonprofit governance "best practices," within traditional Japanese arts and ways and, in that capacity, serve as a resource for other organizations wishing to operate similarly.

Come visit Aikido Mountain West! Feel the difference. Form the connection. Find your community.

Aikido Mountain West - A Nonprofit Budokan Board of Trustees

Aikido Mountain West is a nonprofit 501 c(3), founded by several of Utah's senior Aikido instructors. As a nonprofit, our day-to-day management is handled by a Board of Trustees, which distinguishes us from dojos that are structured around the single owner/dojocho model.

Aikido Mountain West's Board of Trustees represents the largest collection of senior instructors in the mountain west. The Board consists of Shawn Ellingson (5th dan Aikido), Linda Reed (4th dan Aikido), Frank King (4th dan Aikido), James Singleton (4th dan Aikido), Ben Tyler (3rd dan Aikido), and Kevin Van Ry (1st kyu Aikido). Peter Choles (4th dan Iaido), Richard Delewski (3rd dan Aikido), and Sarah Grant (2nd dan Aikido) are recognized as Emeritus Board Members.

Together, these Trustees manage the dojo through consensus and build upon each others' strengths, ensuring the dojo community is stewarded with care, respect, and through best practices in both budo and business. In addition to our Trustees, who serve as core instructors, Aikido Mountain West also boasts many other black-belt level instructors. We are proud to affiliate directly with World Aikikai Headquarters in Tokyo, Japan, through the CAA's Cyndy Hayashi Shihan, Michael Friedl Shihan, and Frank Doran Shihan.

Aikido Mountain West Affiliations and Accreditations

World Aikikai Headquarters - Tokyo, Japan

Aikido Mountain West is affiliated with World Aikikai Headquarters via the California Aikido Association's Frank Doran Shihan, Cyndy Hayashi Shihan, and Michael Friedl Shihan.

Click here for a directory of CAA member dojos.

Muso Jikiden Eishin Ryu, Iaido

The iaido instruction at Aikido Mountain West is licensed under official recognition by the Ippan Shyadanhoujin Seitou Eishin Ryu Iaido Seiryu Musou Jikiden Kokusai Renmei via Mountain Wind Dojo's Colin Max Roach Sensei.