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Aikido Mountain West delivers world-class Aikido training in a safe and welcoming environment.

2nd Kyu Test

Well done Kevin, a fine exam and great Aikido spirit. Keep up the good work!

Knife Defense Class with Officer Steven King

Great Knife Defense Class with Officer Steven King! Thank you so very much to all who came in support of Officer Steven King and his excellent knowledge, the lessons and information taught are the finest around. Great Class!

Aiki Night, September 2018

Shawn Ellingson - BJJ Purple Belt

Sensei Shawn getting his Faixa Roxa "Purple Belt" at Fusion Academy BJJ.
"Muito Obrigado" Professor Edmunds!

Aikido of Salt Lake Friends - September 2018

California Aikido Association Friendship Training - August 2018

Teaching & Fun at Tahoe Summer Retreat - June 2018

Friendship Seminar with Cyndy Hayashi Shihan and Martin Katz Sensei 2017

Aiki Night, April 2017

Yudansha Certificate Presentation 2016

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