Ben Tyler

Trustee/Teacher, Aikido Mountain West Vice President


Ben Tyler started practicing Aikido in 2007 with the Lake Forest Aikido Club in Chicago. During his time with the club, he served as club president and Assistant instructor. Upon moving to Utah in 2011 he continued his training at Utah Aikikai and was appointed as an Assistant Instructor there. He is pleased to be an instructor with Aikido Mountain West, having been present since the founding of the dojo.

While primarily studying Aikido he has also trained in Tae-Kwon-Do, Iaido, and various styles of Jujitsu.

His influential instructors are Paul Tzirides, Cyndy Hayashi, Shawn Ellingson, James Nakayama, and Christine Dyer.

Ben holds the ranks Shodan in Iaido, and Sandan in Aikido, awarded to him by Cyndy Hayashi Shihan and Michael Friedl Shihan.