Frank King

Trustee/Teacher, Aikido Mountain West


Frank King began his first day of training with Frank Doran Shihan at the Stanford Aikido Club. For many years he trained at Stanford University and Aikido West.

His primary instructors are Frank Doran Shihan, Cyndy Hayashi Shihan, Paul Filbert Sensei, Jane Nason Sensei, and many others at Aikido West. All members of CAA have guided his progress, most notably Hiroshi Ikeda Shihan, Michael Friedl Shihan, Craig Fife Sensei, Chuck Hauk Sense, Forrest Kan Sensei, and Russel Wisby Sensei.

After moving to Salt Lake City in 2009, he trained at Utah Aikikai for several years before becoming involved in the creation of Aikido Mountain West.

Frank holds the rank of Yondan, awarded to him by Michael Friedl Shihan.