Linda Reed

Trustee/Teacher, Aikido Mountain West


Linda started aikido training in Jackson, Wyoming in 1993, and moved to Utah in 1995, training at Utah Aikikai. While teaching there, she served as the Director of Children"s Programs and "New Student Guide."

In addition to learning the movements of aikido, her classes also emphasize the principles of aikido (i.e. center, connection, and blend (Aiki)) as well as the practice of mindfulness, self-control, and protection of the attacker. Linda believes that good aikido technique should be effective (martially sound) while being ethical and elegant (simple and smooth). Linda also uses aikido to teach the principles of conflict management inside the dojo and also outside the dojo to various groups in seminars and conference break-out sessions.

As a 17 year resident in cohousing (intentional community), Linda has also served as the primary facilitator for bi-monthly meetings, using a consensus process, and she is often called on to assist with internal conflicts. In addition, she is newly retired from the University of Utah, having served as Administration Manager of the Department of Human Genetics. Her other interests include her family (4 grown children and seven grandchildren), community, gardening, art, theater, and music.


  • Aikido Yondan (4th-degree black belt)
  • Taekwondo: 1st-degree black belt
  • Mediation Training Program, with 5 years of service as a volunteer mediator in Utah courts
  • Bachelor's Degree in Conflict Management from the University of Utah

Teachers and Technical Advisors

  • Cyndy Hayashi Shihan
  • Frank Doran Shihan
  • Hugh Young Sensei
  • Thomas Crum Sensei
  • Paul Linden Sensei
  • Hiroshi Ikeda Shihan
  • Doshu Moriteru Ueshiba