Richard Delewski

Trustee Emeritus/Teacher, Aikido Mountain West


Richard Delewski has been practicing Aikido since 1996. While completing his Master's Degree in Social Work, he worked with a therapist who was of Japanese descent. He recommended practicing Aikido. Richard began working at a Dojo in Salt Lake City where he first met Wayne Belka. When that dojo closed both Wayne and Richard joined Utah Aikikai and began practicing under Hugh Young Sensei. Currently holding the rank of Nidan, Richard has practiced at numerous dojos in the western states. Richard considers his main influences to be Frank Doran Shihan, Hiroshi Ikeda Shihan, and Cyndy Hayashi Shihan. Other Aikido teachers that he enjoys receiving instruction from including Danielle Smith, Michael Friedl, Kimberly Richardson, and Frank Bloomberg. Currently working as a trainer and supervisor, Richard enjoys expanding his teaching experience while practicing Aikido. Originally from Northern Virginia, Richard has been living in the western states since 1978 and has spent time in California, Montana, Wyoming, and Utah. Richard has three adult children and is married to Cathie, a Salt Lake City native.