Shawn Ellingson

Trustee, Chief Instructor, Aikido Mountain West President and Dojo Cho


Shawn Ellingson began studying Aikido at Utah Aikikai in 1998, under the instruction of Hugh Young Sensei and continued his studies there with Rick Berardini until 2015. He then joined with several other high ranking practitioners to form Aikido Mountain West, where he currently trains and offers instruction.

Shawn travels throughout the U.S. and Japan for his continuing education in Aikido. He has studied many different systems and styles of Aikido organizations, and their teaching methods. He has been a member of the California Aikido Association from the very beginning of his Aikido Studies under the instruction and Direction of Frank Doran Shihan. He supplements his training in Aikido with the study of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

He holds the rank of Godan, awarded him by Michael Freidl Shihan.

Shawn likes to run a very rigorous and energetic class which emphasizes a balance between effective technique and philosophical principles of Budo and Aikido studies.


  • Godan Certified
  • 5th Dan Shidoin
  • Faixa Roxa Certified
  • Pedro Sauer Association
  • Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Influential Sensei


Frank Doran Shihan

  • 8th Dan Shihan - Aikido
  • Chief Instructor and Dojo Cho, Aikido West, California

Christine Dyer Sensei

  • 5th Dan - Aikido
  • Chief Instructor, Mountain Path Aikido
  • California Aikido Association

Professor Eddie Edmonds

  • Gracie Jiu-Jitsu, B.J.J.
  • Chief Instructor, Fusion Academy, Salt Lake City

Kayla Feder Sensei

  • 7th Dan - Aikido
  • Chief Instructor and Dojo Cho, Aikido of Berkeley, California

Michael Freidl Shihan

  • 7th Dan Shihan - Aikido
  • California Aikido Association Division 2 Head
  • Chief Instructor, Aikido of Ashland, Oregon

Cyndy Hayashi Shihan

  • 7th Dan Shihan - Aikido
  • Dai Sempai of Aikido West (in Redwood City, CA)
  • California Aikido Association Administrator (18 yrs.)

James Nakayama Sensei

  • 7th Dan Shihandai - Aikido
  • Chief Instructor, Chushinkan Dojo
  • Shibucho, Western Regional American Aikido Association

Michele Simone Sensei

  • 5th Dan - Aikido
  • Chief Instructor, Aikido Central Coast, San Luis Obispo California

Yokota Yoshiaki Sensei

  • 7th Dan Shihan - Aikido
  • Instructor, Hombu Dojo, Aikikai (Aikido World Headquarters)